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Uniquely Gifted to Develop Successful Marketplace and Ministry Leaders

Dr. Keith Johnson, known around the world as America’s #1 Confidence Coach, is the founding leader and member of Wealth Tribe. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Keith has personally coached thousands of world-class believers, achievers, and leaders toward fulfilling their God-given destinies in the areas of marketplace and ministry.


Dr. Keith has coached a billionaire producer and multiple multimillion-d ollar producers in Real Estate, Construction, Insurance, Coaching, Professional Speaking, and Corporate Training. He has also worked alongside some of the most influential Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, and Church Leaders in the world.


His mission in life simple: Empower leaders to succeed. 

The Wealth Tribe has identified three foundational areas necessary to success. Without maximizing your potential in all three, you will never become God’s next millionaire.


Pillar #1 is Confidence. Hebrews 10:35 says, “Do not toss your confidence away, in it is great reward.” You need to know how to develop, keep, and give away confidence, because confidence is the currency for your journey.


Pillar #2 is Leadership. Getting others to buy into your vision for the future and make it happen is true leadership. People are the shortcut to great success.


Pillar #3 is Wealth. What is your plan to create and multiply wealth? The middle-class lifestyle is a failing formula. Follow the exact plan Dr. Keith designed and used to create a wealthy life, not only for himself but for many of his closest clients.


Dr. Keith Johnson has coached thousands of people just like you to write their own success stories. Wealth Tribe exists because he wants to help you!



    We are a fast-growing community of successful, like-minded individuals. Many of our people are creating the life they want by following the steps we’ve already laid out in videos, training modules, coaching sessions, and monthly Mastermind Sessions. And you could be next.



    Log on to our Power Portal and jump into hundreds of hours of videos, trainings, archived webinars, Mastermind coaching sessions, and many other unique applications that are designed to go fast or slow. You choose your pace and style of learning for accelerated growth.



    Join in on our monthly live Mastermind Sessions where like-minded people come together to learn, listen, ask questions, and get the turbocharged boost they need to succeed. Dr. Keith hosts these private webinars on Zoom so you can join from anywhere.

  • Wealth Tribe Webinars

    The Three Pillars of Wealth Tribe are vital to the millionaire mindset. This is why we have live monthly webinars with Dr. Keith and a surprise guest on topics that span the Three Pillar categories of Confidence, Leadership, and Wealth. Each webinar is live and private through Zoom, and each includes an interactive Q & A session.


    We’ve created Wealth Tribe for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Authors, Speakers, Leaders, Influencers, World Changers, and Mountain Shapers! Each and every month, new content full of fresh ideas and inspiration is uploaded to train your mind, fuel your emotional drive, and build your spirit.


    “The process of removing impurities or unwanted elements from a substance.”


    If you want to be the best, you have to be around the best. Refinement can be hard and even painful. Diamonds are formed by pressure and then refined to become among the most valuable resources on our planet.


    No one can look at a diamond and deny its beauty and value. People look in amazement at what God has produced in our earth and at the craftsmanship of the jeweler and say, “Oh my! I NEED THAT!”


    Wealth Tribe will empower you to see the diamonds in your own strengths and talents. The result will be obvious as you increase your impact, influence, and income

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