Is Your Church Leveraging the Power of Ten?

Greetings Pastor,


Our vision for PoTENtial is to empower the local church in generosity. This book is a resource to fund the next move of God in your church, your country, and around the globe. Check out the resources below to fuel the mission in your church. If we can serve you in any way, please let us know.




Dr. Keith Johnson

America’s #1 Confidence Coach


If you're a Senior Pastor who wants to increase the number of tithers in your church but not make people angry when you talk about money, read PoTENtial - The Secret Power of TEN to increase offerings by 20-50%.

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Want to Increase Your Church’s Giving by 23-50%? 

Do you know that nearly 10,000 churches close their doors each YEAR? And more than 1,700 pastors are un-calling themselves from ministry every MONTH because they are grossly underpaid, underappreciated, and just plain burned out. Meanwhile, 3,500 people are leaving the Church DAILY to find a healthier balance between spirituality and success.


Are you ready to reverse the trend of decay and decline in your ministry? If yes, it’s time to bring in an expert to share the Power of Ten with your people. 

What Other World-Class Leaders Are Saying

“With the message of the Power of Ten, I was blown away. I want to recommend him. He is going to bless you and your organization.


Pastor Bioden Fatoyinbo

Senior Pastor


Abuja, Nigeria

“I'm believing from what he did that we shall see an increase of at least 30 to 40 percent of tithers.


Bishop Donald Battle

Senior Pastor

Divine Faith Ministries

Jonesboro, GA


Over 23% Increase in Tithing

Bishop A.J. Wright

Senior Pastor

Shiloh Family Church

West Palm Beach, FL

50% Increase in Tithing

Pastor Jason Adams

Senior Pastor

The Way Church

Livonia, MI

 Saw an increase of 33%

Ps. Nicky van der Westhuizen

Senior Pastor


Johannesburg, South Africa

Apostle B. Dwayne Hardin

Senior Pastor

The Embassy

Atlanta, GA

Pastor Tim Coats

Senior Pastor

Family First Church

Spring Hill, FL

Bishop Mario Moxey

Senior Pastor

Bahamas Harvest Church

Nassau, Bahamas

Pastor’s Jeff and Beth Jones Purchased a Copy for All Their Church Members

Bulk Ordering

Have you noticed the size of the PoTENtial book? Small right? This was intentional. This book is designed to fit into an envelope and mailed to every giver and first-time giver in your church. Empower your people to increase in generosity and faithfulness as they activate the Power of Ten in your church.

10 Booklets


Save 40%

25 Booklets


Save 60%

100 Booklets


Save 70%

1,000 Booklets


Save 80%

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For questions and orders over 1,000.

FREE Sermon Bundle

Have you ever struggled to preach a giving series? Or have you presented the message of tithing with mixed results? We’ve created a sermon series for you to share with your church. Inside this bundle, you will receive an epic sermon bumper video, title splash graphic, and talk slide. Feel free to use the four-week sermon outline or create one of your own. Also included is a letter you can mail to each person who commits to the Power of Ten. This letter reaffirms their commitment and serves as a retention tool in their decision to give. We are praying for your church as you boldly proclaim the promises of God to your people. 

21-Day Challenge

Your daily habits determine your destiny. Maybe you’ve read PoTENtial and want to grow in generosity as your commit to the Power of Ten. Giving isn’t a one-time decision, it’s a lifestyle. Take the 21-Day Challenge to transform you into a generous giver as you break the bonds of greed and lack in your life. Are you up for it?

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