Are You Ready To Maximize Your Confidence To Unleash Your Financial, Relational and Physical Potential?

America's #1 Confidence Coach Presents

 5-Day #BeConfident Challenge

October 4 - October 8th, 2021


Hello Friend,


Before I was Americas #1 Confidence Coach, I was just Dr. Keith Johnson. Buried $180,000 in credit card debt. Not a dime to my name. My wife and I sold everything. Moved into my mother-in-law’s spare bedroom. My weight got out of control and my marriage suffered in more ways than one.


My confidence was crippled from my crisis. I had a successful business. But 9/11 shut me down. I was done. Destroyed. However, after hiring my coach, I tripled my income every year over the next three years.


Next came the 2008 financial crisis. This time was different. While the country was drowning in the Great Recession. I picked up a billionaire coaching client. It was a record year for me financially.


Then 2020 happened. Where do I even begin? Masks, shut downs, lockdowns, deaths, riots and the dirtiest election in American history.


Know something? Even while being forced to cancel my speaking tour I was able to grow my business while building a brand new home and private television studio. All from my kitchen counter. Last year was one of my single greatest years.


But it didn’t start that way.


Listen, you’re depressed. I was depressed. Every believer, leader and achiever is operating from depression right now. I’ll prove it.


Your Depression Is Manifesting In Four Ways…


1) Unmotivated. You’re sleeping more and accomplishing less.

2) Rage. You have a shorter fuse and lash out at everything and everyone around you.

3) Weight Gain. You’re eating your feelings and unmotivated to move off the couch.

4) Love Life. Your love life is suffering. You feel alone. You don’t feel sexy. It’s ruining your marriage, the bedroom and your dating life.


That’s why I’m offering a FREE 5-Day #BeConfident Challenge.


I will walk you through a 5-day process to take back control and navigate 2021 with unmistakable, unshakable and unbreakable confidence!


“You’ll succeed only in direct proportion to your confidence.”

Here’s What’s Inside the 5-Day #BeConfident Challenge...


Day #1 

  • Your Confidence Awakening Begins
    • You were born supremely confident. However, from the time you were born until this very moment, outside forces have traumatically and covertly killed your confidence.
  • Turn Up Your Confidence Thermostat
    • Finally, we answer the age-old question everyone is asking, “Why Do I Take FIVE Steps Forward Only To Take FIVE Steps Backward? (The answer may shock you.)

Day #2  

  • Exposing The Top Three Confidence Robbers
    • It’s time to kill the inner villains within you that are keeping you from your potential eruption in financial success, weight loss, and even attracting the relationship of your dreams.
  • Unleashing the Three Core Confidence Boosters
    • Once you discover these hidden confidence boosters, you will be able to flip your internal switch and instantly get your confidence back anytime you need it.

Day #3

  • The ABC’s of Your Confidence Makeover
    • Become your own psychologist so you can keep moving forward even when facing the most traumatic circumstances.

Day #4

  • Life Confidence - Your Next Quantum Leap
    • This one word sets a brand new course for your life; Direction. Learn what you need to do next, why it's important and how to get the resources to build your dream life.

Day #5

  • Your Million-Dollar Asset
    • You already have a million-dollar asset at your disposal, but you haven’t discovered it yet. You will learn how to earn your Financial Confidence so you can finally make a difference and a fortune.

Will YOU Boldly Step Up

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Big BONUS Gift: The Confidence Profile ($1,000 value) - This comprehensive assessment will uncover the hidden areas in your heart so you can quickly plug the hole in your soul and stop the confidence bleeding. This test will empower you to maintain the highest levels of confidence every day.


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